Mark Mason
Ironman / Triathlete
                    Monthly Training Schedule
Until January 1st I'll be doing light training, swimming twice a week, running 30 miles a week, 5 hours a week on the bike. As of January I will start increasing up my training in readiness for the upcoming season of races.

Coach Mike "DOC" Doane can be contacted  at -

Favorite training run - From the Point Arena Pier to the Lighthouse and back , 10.5 miles.
Favorite ride - From Point Arena to Petaluma (100 miles)


Pictures of my home gym ("Mark's Man Hole") where I do most of my training on those cold & rainy Mendocino Coast winter days.

My very own Home fitness center

Cycleops pro 300 pt Bike trainer and Treadmill and 40 inch plasma tv for those rainy, cold winter training days

Weight press for strength

Bench Press for Upper Body Strength.

Bikes for road work and sit up bench.

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