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Athlete Bio :

1972 - I started running at age 12 after watching Dave Wottle and Steve Prefontaine run in the  Mu
nich Olympics. Even to this day those were some of the greatest running races I've ever seen.

1974 - At age 14 , I ran for the AAU team "Blue Angels"  along with Olympian Mary Decker and coaches Joe Salcido and now USATF president Don Denoon. I was ranked 6th in the state of California for my age group in the mile .

1974 Mark Mason

1976 - I quit running at age 16 due to leg injuries ending my 1980 Olympic dreams and became the lead singer, songwriter and bass player for the rock band " AMPAGE ". I spent the next 30 years recording albums , writing and recording songs for movies , a lot of touring , a LOT of partying and No Training.

2017 Mark Mason and his band AMPAGE 

 2003 - I found myself on a high school track on the Mendocino Coast of California and decided to run a mile just to see how close to my old time I could get. Much to my surprise It wasn't even close. I had already quit drinking and partying years earlier so now I decided to start training for a few months until I could beat my old mile time''.

2006 - 3 years, a lot of training and a lot of 5k & 10k races late
r .

Mark Mason Escape From Alcatraz 2009

 2007 -  A friend of mine told me about a race called " Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon". I thought it sounded kinda cool so I signed up for their lottery registration figuring I'd never get picked , after all my friend had been trying to get in that race for years with no luck.
I got picked first time out. I was very excited and then suddenly remembered I don,t know how to swim nor do I own a bike. GULP!  The next thing I know I was taking swim lessons and bought an old Cervelo bike on ebay.  A couple months later I did my first sprint triathlon in Oxnard Calif. as a tune up race for Alcatraz. After that , I was hooked ! I started doing race after race across the USA. I completed 13 triathlons and several 5K running races in my first year. While in Florida , I raced in the " Escape from Miami Triathlon ". Later that year in California. I attempted a practice swim from Alcatraz. I only made it half way and decided not to do the race.  ( I guess 3 months was not enough time to learn to swim well enough to complete Alcatraz) All in all I ended up placing somewhere in the middle of most of my races.  I was  happy with that for my 1st year in the sport.

L-R Coach Mike Doane, Andy Potts, Mark Mason after 2009 Kona Ironman Awards ceremony

I hooked up with Olympian Andy Potts who introduced me to his coach Mike Doane Who was the head Triathlon and Swim coach at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. Long story short , Mike started coaching me. A couple months later I competed in the " Escape from Alcatraz " ( yes, I got picked again in the lottery ) triathlon this time completing it .  A couple months later I flew out to Colorado Springs to train with Mike Doane and Andy Potts and have them clean up some of my bad training habits. Mike and I became fast friends and he has been coaching me ever since.

My Coach Mike Doane and Myself after finishing 2009 Kona Ironman

2009 was the year of the Ironman for me. I did the Hawaii Ironman 70.3, Vineman Ironman 70.3 and The Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii. I also wrote, recorded and released the song ''Ironman Sam". I also released a music video of the song with footage of me racing the Kona Ironman as well as footage from my bands last tour. It was an amazing year!

2009 Ford Ironman World Championship

2010- Started out a tough year for me. I was seriously injured in the Ironman California 70.3 during the swim to bike transition. I was tripped by another athlete and my feet ended up in the guys spokes. I ended up with 30 stitches on 4 toes by the AMAZING Ironman onsite doctors in the medical tent. They were great! Took a few months to recover but just in time to do The Escape from Alcatraz, Vineman Ironman 70.3 and the Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3 in Seattle Wa. Finished the season with a couple fun triathlons in Santa Cruz and the L.A. triathlon.

I started my year with a return to California Ironman 70.3
Next was The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. After that I went back to my roots and finished the season doing sprint triathlons And placing top 5 in most of the races while having a great time competing instead of just trying to finish.
I also signed 5 sponsorship deals with Quintana Roo, Hawk Racing Wheels, ISM Saddles, Blue Seventy Wetsuits and Beacon Concepts!

2012  Was an interesting year. I started and coached one of the first ever high school triathlon teams at Point Arena High School in Northern California. I then started the first ever high school triathlon conference league in California (so we would have someone to compete against) signing up more than 15 other high schools
in the state. I then contacted all the colleges in the state and piggybacked there races and season with our own ''high school division''. It was a huge success with more and more high schools signing up every day!
I started my own season racing at the colleges (in my own age group) followed by New Orleans Ironman 70.3, Kona Ironman 70.3 with Lance Armstrong and The Escape from Alcatraz. Prior to Kona I fell down some stairs and pinched a nerve in my neck as well as a golf ball size lump on my elbow. While I did the swim and bike at Kona and Alcatraz I had to DNF on the run due to the pain. I healed through the summer and am now training for the upcoming 2013 season.

2012 Southwest High School Triathlon Conference Championship Triathlon

2013 - I decided to go back to my roots competing in a half dozen sprint triathlon with the kids I coach. I had a lot of fun and usually finished top 4 in my division. Most of the races were at the colleges and Universities in Calif. At the end of the season I raced the ITU World Cup in San Diego again with the kids I coach. Fun Fun Fun!

2013 Andy Potts and Mark Mason 

2014 - 2015 Wow, what a F#@* up year and a half that was. First I got diagnosed with colon cancer and had 12'' of my colon removed.
After recovering from that I had a serious bike crash on my first day back in training. I blew my front tire while doing 50mph down a steep hill in Irish Beach. I had to be helicoptered to the hospital where I had 6 broken ribs and a fractured wrist. They replaced every bone in my wrist with cadaver bones. After recovering from both of those events I managed to take 3rd place at the Marin Triathlon. I still have some PTSD when on the bike but it seems to be getting better.

November 24th in hospital after bike crash

First day back racing at Marin Triathlon

2020 Race Season - took 4 years off from any real serious training or racing. Spent a lot of time with my band Ampage recording our 7th album Bridge of souls, a lot of touring but still did minimal training and competing mostly spring triathlons with the high school team I still coach.
I want 2020 to be an epic year of training and racing half Ironmans in Calif. and France while still competing in several Olympic distance races while still coaching the Point Arena high school triathlon team!
Heres my 2020 race schedule -

Triton Man San Diego February 16th

Andy Potts Race Camp Chula Vista March 9-14th

Super Seal olympic Distance San Diego March 15th

MTS Cal Poly San Louis Obispo Olynpic Distance March 22nd

Ironman 70.3 Oceanside April 4th

Half Moon Bay Olympic Distance April 19th

Los Angeles Triathlon Olympic Distance May 17th

Garmin Triathlon Paris France June 28th

Ironman 70.3 Les Sables France July 5th

Mark Mason


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